19 May 2011

Red 'Endgame' Link

I wanted to design a model of Link in my own scale, but to make him a bit more unique I decided to make him with some different equipment. Red or Endgame Link as I call this incorporates several late game or obscure items not normally depicted.

So he carries the huge Biggoron's Sword, Silver Gauntlets, Hover Boots, Goron Tunic and Mirror Shield. With these items he will be able to smash through the toughest foes, endure blistering heat, lift boulders and walk in thin air temporarily. Actually as stylish as this configuration is, it's not very practical since he can't defend himself and will be sliding all over the place with those tractionless boots! In fact it's not what you might want to use at the end of the game after all. But y'know let's ignore all that for now!

The model is medium-hard. The legs, arms and most of the items aren't very hard, but there are some small parts and tricky folds and joins around the face, ears and hood. I recommend scoring the lines so it will all fit neatly together.

Note that most of the equipment doesn't have to be attached permanently. You can just rest his feet into the snug Hover Boots, and attach the shield to the sheath using blu-tack/putty or a pin. I'm saying this because it's likely I'll be putting together a pack of scaled interchangeable equipment, and possibly some alternate versions of Link in the future.

Stands ~21.6cm tall, not including the sword.

Difficulty: 7/10

Download Here!