Hyrule Papercraft started in November 2008. Following a summer of papercrafting and eventually designing my own, I wanted a place to post them, as they wouldn't always get put on Nintendo Papercraft straight away.

Eventually through endless minor tweaks to the site's template, custom buttons, plus some new options available from Blogger the site developed into what you see today.

I aim to produce high quality models of Zelda 64 characters to a set scale, occasionally branching out to the enemies and items too. My scale means that characters will range from 15-25cm depending on their relative proportions. For some this may make them large, boxy and easy, e.g. Rauru, though others may turn out smaller and more difficult e.g. Young Malon. PDO files are left unlocked for you to tweak or resize if you wish. I however will not be releasing anything lifesized myself, as I believe N64 textures scale up really badly, and the low poly-count compared to modern models makes them look odd if oversized.

Please note that this is a gradual learning process, so my older designs, up to mid 2009 are a bit more rough compared to the new ones! I also use the site to showcase a few Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn models I've done, since they match the medieval fantasy theme too. These days I build/testbuild everything I design so you have my guarantee that I'll never release anything that I'm not confident can be built well.

My production rate is irregular due to work and other projects (other non Nintendo crafts, or my drawings) but there's still many Zelda models I'd like to make, so stay tuned!

In recent years my papercrafting tastes have headed towards more complex non-Nintendo models. These can be see on my DeviantArt account and include characters from Mass Effect 2 & 3, Team Fortress 2 and BioShock Infinite.