18 June 2011

Adult Link Equipment Pack

When I made Red 'Endgame' Link  I realised the advantages of being able to customise your own version. The first step would be to create a set of items all scaled to Link and my other models. Although, it took a lot longer than I thought! (Mostly because working on things like items is such a chore compared to character models). For now the items are limited to those seen on the "Equipment" screen in the menu.

So this pack, which may be updated in future contains:
Biggoron's Sword
Broken Giant's Knife
Hover Boots
Hylian Shield
Iron Boots
Master Sword
Megaton Hammer
Mirror Shield
Silver and Golden Gauntlets

Can these be built without having to build a Link model too?
Of course! Mostly. All the items except for the gauntlets and boots work well on their own if you choose to build them. The boots only represent the metal parts, not the feet, and the gauntlets are just simple bits that ought to be glued to Link's arms.

Will you build other versions of Link in future?
Yes, I plan to re-use my Red Link to make different Links with alternate poses and tunics. Different weapons will be compatible with these. Currently only the Master Sword doesn't really work with Red Link, and the shields only benefit when just put on his back. With different posed Links, hopefully the equipment will be more interchangeable.

Why does the Giant's Knife look identical to Biggoron's Sword?
The actual models wielded in combat seem to be the same. The Giant's Knife was really just included for a laugh, and for completions sake.

Difficulty: Variable but mostly easy. Swords are harder due to their small size and detail.

Download Here!