14 September 2015

3DS Deku Link

The Majora's Mask remake on the 3DS is brilliant. And with the models now available to work with, I set to making another 3DS based papercraft.

Upon entering Termina, Link is transformed into a deku scrub by the Skull Kid. In this form, he can hop across water, fly with deku flowers and shoot bubbles out of his snout.

This little fellow is better edited and thought out than my experimental 3DS Sheik model. For a start I have abandoned the idea that they need to be similar in size to my N64 models, so he is larger than usual, allowing more detail to be preserved. Ok larger than usual means only 17cm but Deku Link is small compared to most other characters.

Also I've decided to treat this a 'complex' craft and have built mine in the smooth method, where I've ignored most fold lines.

It is a mix of small and large parts. The hair is a bit awkward but most things should not be a problem for experienced builders.

Download Here

Difficulty: 7/10