25 December 2009

Christmas 2009

Best wishes from Hyrule Papercraft!

Happy random gift exchange day! ;)

20 December 2009


A long term model I built in September-October but needed to edit the template and spend ages re-unfolding. So eventually she is available for release and your scrutiny: Nephenee in her halberdier appearance from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn!

Nephenee is a young girl from the Crimean countryside and in the events of RD, joins up with fellow villager Brom to suppress a local rebellion. After the Crimean rebels against Queen Elincia are defeated, she travels with Ike and the Greil Mercenaries to assist the Laguz Alliance against the Begnion Empire.

As a halberdier, she is a very well balanced unit with good strength, skill, speed and defence. This allows her to perform well in sustained combat due to having few real weaknesses. Though her individual stats will likely be exceeded by those of specialist units later on. Other classes may be better at specific jobs, but she remains a flexible and very useful all-purpose unit throughout the game.

This model is not for beginners! It's the most complex one I've edited yet with 28 pages and quite a few small parts. Use of the PDO file will be a great help as my photos of the first version are slightly out of date. The legs, body and head can be built in any order since they are all self contained pieces, though the part numbering reflects my rough order of building from the bottom up.

When complete she has an awesome amount of detail and will look impressive standing guard with shield and Steel Greatlance in hand.

Difficulty: 8.5/10

Best built in the smooth method, except for a few places mentioned in the instructions.

Download Here!

13 November 2009


Obscure Zelda NPCs are one of my favourite categories for ripping. Grog is no exception and after some messing about in the last fortnight he's now available in papercraft form!

Grog is an idle and depressed young man who can be found under a tree in Kakariko village at night. He readily shares his views on people and his parents, all of which are "disgusting" to him, and even suggests that Link is too! His father is Mutoh, the boss of the carpenters and from their dialogue, the two don't seem to get along very well. In Majora's Mask, his alter ego looks after the Cuccos in Romani Ranch and sports a new spiky haircut. (Though this model doesn't include that)


He sits on a box at 16.1cm and has an optional bag for a mini diorama feel. Technically in game he has three bags so you can go nuts and print more if you want.

The model is very average in terms of construction, the only hard parts being the hands, which are very thin and flat near the thumbs. Also there are many important valley folds on the body that should be done cleanly.

Difficulty: 6/10

Download Here!

The tension of the paper at the joints means his pose could vary and be more 'open' than what you see in Pepakura. That said, I still recommend you use thin card/thick paper, otherwise he might be a saggy mess (even more so!).

26 October 2009


Another semi-simple model, this time it's a Stalchild! These undead skeletons rise as pairs out of the ground at night in Hyrule field to attack those who wander off the main paths. However they are quite slow and easy to outrun and will vanish at sunrise. In Ocarina of Time, they only appear in Link's childhood, which is odd considering the initially corrupted state of Hyrule when Link emerges as an adult. In Majora's Mask they appear, but as the footsoldiers of Ikana awaiting orders from Captain Keeta.


Like the Poe, the original state of this model could not be built as a papercraft. There is an unedited version on the internet but I didn't believe it could be a good model at all. So I've merged, chopped, added and re-posed various parts to get this. Unlike the Poe, this is scaled to my other guys, and stands ~18.7cm but will depend a lot on your build. He may need weighing down inside the feet with something to stand.

It relies a lot on glueing surfaces of pieces together, so I recommend a strong liquid glue. Any will do, just don't use glue sticks! Also a few 2D parts are quite shaky so thicker paper is a must. If you use printer paper, you might get a saggy, gibbering wreck. The way the legs and arms glue on, might mean people's poses will vary. It can be customised I guess, but try to get a position where he stands up! ;p

Just glue well, and wait for it to dry and actually this is pretty easy.

Download Here!

Difficulty: 4.75/10

7 September 2009


A model that's been in the works for a few weeks, it's an N64 Poe! These Zelda equivalents of ghosts are found in the darker corners of Hyrule and Termina. Each carries a lantern that when defeated, smashes and allows the Poe's spirit to be captured in a bottle. Drinking it will produce variable effects on your health so you'd better be feeling lucky! There are many varieties of Poes to be found such as the Composer Brothers or the four Poe Sisters, but this one's just an ordinary spirit that would only net you a handful of Rupees from the Poe Collector.


This was very 'raw' when ripped and required many edits to make it buildable. It's mostly large pieces but with a few smaller ones on the arms and face that bump the difficulty up slightly. I haven't scaled this one to the others because it would just be too big! In game they almost match adult Link in size! So this is reduced a bit but still looks nice amongst my standard scaled models.

Download Here!

Difficulty: 4.5/10

Also our new address is at http://hyrulepapercraft.blogspot.com

19 May 2009

Young Malon

Finally, I started this project in February but it got delayed for ages for some reason, plus it always take me a while to pluck up courage to announce a model of a more important character! I've brought the project forward due to me shortly going away on a long field trip. D:

Malon is the daughter of Lon Lon Ranch's owner, Talon. As a child she plays amongst the horses in the enclosure, and also accompanies her dad when he delivers milk to Hyrule Castle. It's here where she first met Link, and would later teach him Epona's song- an invaluable ability seven years later! She makes a good counterpart to the adult Malon model, or you could call them Cremia and Romani- their alter egos in Majora's Mask!


The model is just over 15cm tall and keeps to my 3400 standard scale in Pepakura. So she'll be the correct size compared to my Zora, Master Sword (13.7cm one) and Adult Malon.

Download Here!

Difficulty: 6/10 but quite easier with experience.

Simpler than the adult version - the dress for example is just a bunch of strips and the head is actually larger! However smaller pieces in the arms/hands, shoulder geometry and closing the head stop it from being overly easy.

9 April 2009

Lyn (Experimental Showcase)

Thanks to the efforts of Gazamaniac we have a bunch of Brawl trophy models available. Very nicely my request for Lyn or Lyndis to quote her "true" name was met so I thought I'd better do something with it.

However it's a learning process since I just usually work with N64 standard graphics. Haywan of the Papercraft Museum sort of beat me to it with an amazing high res version so all credits go to him for taking on this great feat!

But I'm a bit of a Fire Emblem nut, getting hooked on the GBA and Wii version (and a bit of the DS too!) over the years. So I want to do my own version to my own preferences. Haywan's is very detailed, probably keeping much of the original data intact, but I wanted a simplified version to suit my tastes.
However due to errors, and inexperience I'm not releasing this one. Please understand that these days I'd rather not release shoddy models for people to gripe about. Right now, I'd like to think that only the Mad Scrub is a bad template and wouldn't like to add another to that list...

Lyn is one of the Lords (or Lady rather) that feature in Fire Emblem for the GBA. Raised on the Sacae plains, she was unaware that her grandfather is infact the Marquess of Caelin. After learning this, along with a plot to kill him by his brother, she sets out with a band of knights and followers to stop Lord Lundgren's plans. Later on she joins forces with Eliwood and Hector as they battle against the Black Fang organisation. She becomes a very powerful swordswoman renowned for her great speed and skill. When combined with the semi-legendary swords Mani Katti and later Sol Katti she becomes capable of taking on a whole army by herself!


This is my first go at a high detailed model, even after reducing the polygons a lot it's still pretty complex in places. It had many error and inconsitencies with the simplification. The template is not ideal so a download link is unavailable.

1 March 2009

Master Sword in Pedestal

[Attention, this template is more difficult than it looks due to small parts and some tricky placement. Your best best is to score all lines and consult the PDO where required]

[Addendum: If you want to build this model but are finding it difficult or the instructions inadequate, I suggest looking at the Master Sword included in my Adult Link Equipment Pack. It is a bit easier and still of equivalent size to the small version of this template]

The Master Sword is perhaps Link's most important weapon in his various quests to save Hyrule. In it's Ocarina of Time incarnation, the sword rests in a pedestal inside the Temple of Time, where only a true hero has the ability to remove and wield it. Link uses it as his primary adult weapon and also by placing the sword back in the pedestal, can travel back in time seven years to re-visit (or pre-visit!) areas as a child.


Download Here! (Updated Mediafire link)

I've made two templates, one a hard 13.7cm tall version which matches my standard Zelda scale, and an easier 16.5cm version for those who don't fancy messing around with some small parts.

The sword can indeed be removed and is a full model, though I don't recommend you keep doing it repeatedly as you might damage it.

It's not as easy as it looks and requires some patience with small pieces and accuracy when assembling the internal sheath- otherwise you'll have a wobbly sword that doesn't stand up straight. Hardly the blade of Evil's Bane!

13.7cm - 5-7/10 depending on experience with small parts, not very beginner friendly!
16.5cm - 5/10 (not personally built but I can only assume it is easier because of the size!)

18 January 2009

Defining Zelda Model Scales

Right I think I'm ready to define my model scales. After a little bit of experimenting I can put some values down.

Standard Human Scale:
Pepakura Scale Factor: 3400
This is my attempt to keep all my human shaped models to scale to make them look better and more accurate as a group. For example no young and adult Malon who are the same size! Though it says humans/humanoids it could be used for some enemies or a general universal scale for everything. The result is most people will be 15-24cm tall.

Edit: In the past I've rigidly stuck to 3400 and with good results, but as I continue getting content, I've noticed that some characters will just be too big (Poes) and some too small (Saria is tiny when compared to the Adult cast!). So y'know there might be some lee-way with certain models, and some minor resizing for aesthetic or practical purposes.