19 February 2012

Twili Midna

Released as a project for Nintendo Papercraft, I thought I could also put it on my own site since it's very relevant to Hyrule Papercraft too! This model has been a long time in the making, well in the papercrafting world that means a couple of months at least! Now 6 years on since Twilight Princess, I don't think this is as big a spoiler anymore!

Midna is Link's main companion during Twilight Princess and for most of the game is seen in her imp form due to the curse placed on her by the power hungry Zant. However once Ganondorf has been defeated the curse is finally broken and she is restored to her true Twili form. You can't blame Link for being surprised when the bossy little imp that's been skulking in his shadow turns out to be the towering ruler of the Twili! And a little easier on the eyes than Zant and his cronies!

This model is the result of a collaboration between me and Squeezycheesecake for Nintendo Papercraft. Throughout the years I've always dreamed of having this as a papercraft. It's been attempted in the past but to no avail. The original model files are easy to find on the internet- but everything is stuck in a T-pose, and the cloak would cause obvious headaches from day one. Thanks to some rigging by Squeezy we got it into a simple pose and set to work simplifying, editing and cleaning textures. Fast forward a bit and now it's finally complete, standing 48-49cm tall with 16 pages.

There's a lot I could talk about on construction but I'll keep it short since there's a lot of info in the notes and on PDO/PDF #1. This is a complex model, so make sure you have some experience and correct materials for crafting. The instructions are pretty detailed but use of the PDO is highly recommended. Finally, we really recommend colouring the back of the cloak a cyan colour to avoid a massive white surface (likewise, the hood and skirt insides benefit from colouring black). Some ideas on how to do this are written in the notes.

Download Here

By Squeezycheesecake and Xenon