21 August 2011


I'm trying to produce a few more models for this site before summer's up so here's Aveil from Majora's Mask. As I like to say, the more obscure the better!

Aveil is the stern leader of the Gerudo Pirates in Great Bay, who cause mayhem along the Terminian coastline from their base nestled in the northern cliffs. Always on the lookout for new loot to plunder, she becomes obsessed with the Skull Kid's claims of treasure within the Great Bay Temple. In the events of the game, Link must rescue the stolen Zora eggs from their fortress as the hatched baby Zora are the key to accessing the temple. Though Link is more interested in saving the world than looking for non-existent treasure!

In 2009 I was working on the Gerudo Thief model from Ocarina of Time in a cool combat stance. But it proved too problematic to make and I shelved the project. The game essentially uses the same model for Aveil, scaled better (the OoT one was huge compared to Link!) and in a more suitable pose. Lessons learned from the gerudo have helped to improve this model greatly!

This model is medium difficulty with more detail than usual on the face, and some small or narrow parts on the legs and body. The head, hands and feet all glue on to the body by surface contact with marked tabs. This allows some manual adjustments to the pose in case she doesn't stand straight or her hands aren't initially in the right position. Stands around 22.6cm depending how how the hair is glued on.

Difficulty: 6.5/10

Download Here!

7 August 2011


It's been a while since I've worked on a character model, with holidays, other important matters and this project taking up time instead. But I can't neglect this site, so here's a model of Anju!

Anju makes a minor appearance in Ocarina of Time as the "Cucco Lady" in Kakariko village, but receives much more character development in Majora's Mask where she works in Clock Town's Stock Pot Inn. She has a poor memory for reservations, allowing Link to obtain a room key in a case of mistaken identity. Her main role in the game is as part of the long and detailed Kafei-Anju sidequest in which Link must work over all three days to reunite the couple before the moon crashes.

There have been a few versions of Anju released already I believe, all seeming to have her holding an umbrella! Well mine is much more plain haha with, just her in her standing pose at the Stock Pot Inn's desk.

The model is average difficulty, with some small parts on the hands but fairly straightforwards construction elsewhere. The head and hair should be built and closed in a certain order though, so take a look at the instructions. Of course the PDO file with Pepakura Designer/Viewer is a handy resource too! Scaled to everyone else as usual, standing quite tall at about 22.1cm.

Difficulty: 6/10

Download Here!