Guest Photos

Built any of my models and would like to share your results?

Feel free to email you pictures to me here:

So far we have:

[Click to enlarge]

3DS Deku Link by Fernando Gunther (nice photo montage)

Malon and Master Sword by Squeezycheesecake (Malon looks great, thanks!)

Zelda Collection featuring: Grog, Stalchild, Deku Guard, Malon, Young Malon, Elegy Zora and Elegy Link by Bratchny (many other awesome models too!)

Zora, Poe and Master Sword by im-tall (Very good work!)

Grog by MandalynFox, (With Cojiro too!)

Master Sword and Gossip Stone by Kupo, (Good job!)

Elegy of Emptiness Link by Kupo, (Terrifying no matter what colour he is!)

Master Sword by Christina, (Goes well with Ninjatoes' Young Link!)

Dead Hand by Jalhalla, (Nice to know other people besides me want to built this! Looks good with Gollum's Redead.)

Dead Hand by Dreamparacite, (No doubt dark lighting really fits this craft!)