31 August 2013

Elegy of Emptiness Goron

In early 2010 I was looking around for obscure content from Majora's Mask and ended up making the now infamous Elegy of Emptiness of Link. The prospect of making a set of all four statues came up and shortly after I made the cute but sad looking Elegy Deku. Later in summer I did the Elegy Zora too (though that one was pretty hard) and had only one model remaining: the Elegy Goron. But interest faded and I never began work on it...until now.

Three years later the Elegy of Emptiness set is finally completed!

In Majora's Mask by playing the song, Elegy of Emptiness inside Stone Tower, Link can 'shed a shell' of himself to create a statue of his current form. Described as a souless image, these are used to solve a variety of puzzles later on. Wearing the Goron mask, the statue produced is the Goron Hero Darmani, the soul from which the mask was derived.

This statue makes a large boxy model at ~28cm tall. The feet are small and must be built neatly and weighed down strongly, but from the waist up it becomes much easier with mostly large parts. You must cut out the shape of the scar from the large brown piece (a reference is provided). Take care with closing the head and some important shapes around the face and hands.

Difficulty: 5.5/10

Download Here!