14 April 2010


The second of my Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn models, Haar is available for your scrutiny! Being more complex, these take a longer time to edit than N64 content. Hey isn't this called Hyrule Papercraft, like Zelda stuff? Well...yeah but I have a great passion for FE games too! :p

Haar is a veteran Wyvern rider who has served many nations in Tellius. In the events of Radiant Dawn he joins up with Queen Elincia to halt the Crimean rebels, and later follows Ike in the fight against Begnion, possibly with his own desires to bring down his corrupt former commanders and senators. His trademarks are an eyepatch, perpetual tiredness and a no-nonsense attitude.

As a Dragonmaster he combines high hit points, strength and defence with impressive maneuverability for such a heavy unit. Equipped with axes he can smash through most enemies and withstand heavy combat with ease. His low resistance makes him vulnerable to magic, especially Thunder Mages which do double damage to Wyvern units.

(One of my favourite and most useful characters too!)

This is a hard model, no doubts about it, experience in papercrafting is a must. It is quite tall but has 21 pages and many small parts. Elements of the face and hands are particularly tricky. Use of the PDO is a must to see where parts go. Please look at the Read Me, template info and instructions, though don't be restricted by my order of building, as everyone's method varies.

Download Here!

Difficulty: 8.5/10

Best built in the smooth method, with a few exceptions mentioned in the instructions. Use of thicker cardstock is essential. Printer paper will not work!

He doesn't have as many accessories as Nephenee, but he's still a detailed model that looks great when done. My hat's off to Fire Emblem RD's character designers!

7 April 2010

Elegy of Emptiness Link

I return from elsewhere with a new craft! Now I've not actually given up, just in the last months I've had a bunch of models which just never made it to the building stage.

Elegy of Emptiness Link is here (though you may wish he wasn't)! In Majora's Mask by playing the song, Elegy of Emptiness inside Stone Tower, Link can 'shed a shell' of himself to create a statue of his current form. Described as a souless image, these are used to solve a variety of puzzles later on. The image created depends on what form Link is in at the time. As a Hylian (not wearing a transformation mask) the statue produced is a surreal, rather warped parody of Link. I always found the statues quite disturbing and an obscure piece of the darker world of Termina. (No wonder they used him for that fake haunted game story recently! Granted, I made this before his bizarre popularity spike)


15.7cm tall without the stand, which adds another ~7mm. The large head makes it top heavy so weighing it down inside, or even glueing to the stand is necessary. Other than closing the hood and some important valley folds, it's a simple model.

Difficulty: 4.75/10

Download Here!

As usual thick paper or thin card should be used, plus the PDO file helps a lot!

(Wryly smiling at folks here because of that haunted game stuff. People'll believe anything huh?)