9 April 2009

Lyn (Experimental Showcase)

Thanks to the efforts of Gazamaniac we have a bunch of Brawl trophy models available. Very nicely my request for Lyn or Lyndis to quote her "true" name was met so I thought I'd better do something with it.

However it's a learning process since I just usually work with N64 standard graphics. Haywan of the Papercraft Museum sort of beat me to it with an amazing high res version so all credits go to him for taking on this great feat!

But I'm a bit of a Fire Emblem nut, getting hooked on the GBA and Wii version (and a bit of the DS too!) over the years. So I want to do my own version to my own preferences. Haywan's is very detailed, probably keeping much of the original data intact, but I wanted a simplified version to suit my tastes.
However due to errors, and inexperience I'm not releasing this one. Please understand that these days I'd rather not release shoddy models for people to gripe about. Right now, I'd like to think that only the Mad Scrub is a bad template and wouldn't like to add another to that list...

Lyn is one of the Lords (or Lady rather) that feature in Fire Emblem for the GBA. Raised on the Sacae plains, she was unaware that her grandfather is infact the Marquess of Caelin. After learning this, along with a plot to kill him by his brother, she sets out with a band of knights and followers to stop Lord Lundgren's plans. Later on she joins forces with Eliwood and Hector as they battle against the Black Fang organisation. She becomes a very powerful swordswoman renowned for her great speed and skill. When combined with the semi-legendary swords Mani Katti and later Sol Katti she becomes capable of taking on a whole army by herself!


This is my first go at a high detailed model, even after reducing the polygons a lot it's still pretty complex in places. It had many error and inconsitencies with the simplification. The template is not ideal so a download link is unavailable.