25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Year!

Here's to a papercraft filled 2009!
(Hurray for pre scheduled posts as well!)

24 December 2008

Malon (v3)

My first human shaped model since the Zora! And a nice Christmas present for you all too! And finally I've updated it to fix some minor but annoying errors.

Malon is the daughter of Talon of Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time, and teaches Link Epona's song when they are young. She is one of my favourite characters, despite only having a few small but major parts in the game.

This is the adult version of her ripped from Ocarina and stands about 20cm high. I made a poor version of her a while ago, but this is a vast improvement! Well actually I ripped Cremia from Majora's Mask who looks exactly the same. Except she isn't. Malon and Cremia have slightly different textures and geometry! Malon has a longer nose and neck, while Cremia is thinner, has a small pointy nose and different mouth and skirt textures. Well I think Malon looks better overall despite being slightly less detailed so here she is! But really, this model could be regarded as either!


Download Here!

The model difficulty depends on your experience. Beginners will find it hard, experienced builders will probably not. If you can build my Zora well then it should be no problem. The only tricky part is the hair...

Difficulty: 6.5/10

18 December 2008

Dead Hand

Aggh! It's the Dead Hand, a mini boss seen in the spooky Bottom of the Well and Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time. A surpisingly detailed and fun model to build. It is probably to scale with the Dekus but will be small compared to my standard human scale.

The monster is a fleshy undead mass which lives underground. Several arms on the end of long stalks project out of the ground in a circle to grab victims, after which the Dead Hand will rise up and attack with its huge mouth and teeth.

The model comes as two parts by default: The monster itself, and a single arm stalk and stand. However you can build more than one stalks for a diorama feel, or none at all if you wish.


Dowload Here!

The Dead Hand itself is not too hard and I believe I got the template for the head quite good. The only tricky part, as with all 3D models is sealing off the whole thing. The elbows may be a little imprecise depending on your build and you might not get the true pose that the PDO shows. My build isn't posed right but still looks good.

The arm stalk's fingers are difficult, because of the small size, but there's nothing I can do about that. ;)

Difficulty: Dead Hand: 6/10
Arm Stalk: 7/10, but only because of the small fingers. The rest is a very easy 2/10.

14 December 2008

The Shape of Things to Come

Forgive my really obscure reference/bad joke in the title.

Right I'm now home for Christmas for a month or so. And this means...papercrafts! Ok I can't guarantee how many I will design newly, or if I'll just remake my old ones but I have a lot of time to do so!

But the real reason of this post is to give some info on how I'll be doing my new models.

Now, other Zelda rippers/designers on the web have made quite a bundle of models already, I personally have contributed 6 to the pile, and 1 I never released. But the problem here is that they are all different sizes.

I used to say 20cm for a humanoid character was perfect, and it is in my opinion, but by automatically setting it like this you lose all scale! Some models like my Dekus work best as small ones. But if I'm going to start making more characters then I want them to be to scale to each other so they are less irregular and more awesome as a group.

How will this be done? Simple! I hope. I will not resize them at all in Blender, and when they are extracted to Pepakura, increase their size by a factor of X. This factor is yet to be determined and I'll suss it out after my first model using this method. Then it can be applied to a few of my old ones like the Zora.

So in other words, for all human characters and maybe other accesories, I will be keeping them all in scale. The average height will probably be from 15-23cm depending on height differences in game.

But I realise that this will make some models really big or small so there may be more scales to work around this e.g.

-Small creature scale
-Standard Human scale
-Large monster scale

Something like that...

12 December 2008

Deku Guard

None shall pass!

This cute simple model is a nice addition to any collection and is much easier than the Mad Scrub. It's very small and probably to scale with the Mad Scrub too by semi coincidence, however it isn't scaled to say the Zora, which is 3 times bigger!

These little guards stop any intruders from entering the Deku Palace at Woodfall in Majora's Mask, and patrol the lush gardens within.

Actually in game they are cute but not that small- they stand level with young Link!


Download Here!

The model is easy for anyone who has a little bit of experience. Essentially it is 4 closed shapes and some 2D pieces. To attach the head leaves, make small slits to slot and glue them into. The feet are free floating in game, so there's nothing to stick them to by default. However the workaround is to cut the shape of the body leaves, dab a blob of glue on the foot and slot it into one of the wedges cut. With some glue and possibly double sided leaves it is not hard.

Difficulty: 4.5/10

9 December 2008

Mad Scrub (Showcase)

Edit: This was a bad template so I've removed the download for now. If you've found it elsewhere on the internet then build at your own risk.

Mad Scrubs are aggressive Deku Scrubs that attack any intruders to their territory fiercly. Despite their temper, they are quite weak and will flee their Deku Flower when struck.


It made a cute model no doubt, but was beyond my skill to edit well at the time hence I made a bad job of it. So I'll leave it as a showcase of addtional work but that's all. From the photo it looks good, however the template was full of bizarre folds and tiny pieces- the legs presented a lot of trouble.

7 December 2008

Gossip Stone

Boing!! Here is a really easy model guaranteed to give you minimal grief, as well as being a cute little thing at only ~5.5cm tall!

Gossip Stones are strange objects found throughout Hyrule and Termina. It is believed they gather rumours and information to spread amongst themselves but will not easily tell their secrets to strangers. And even if they do, what they say might not always be useful!

The stones are excellent timekeepers and react very strangely if struck with a weapon or magic.


Download Here! (updated link)

Drummyralf and I have noticed that different people's printers might make the template too dark or funny coloured, so feel free to edit it if the default version does not come out right!

The model is very easy. In fact the only slightly hard part is sticking the base cleanly on as it depends on how tight/loose you built the main piece.

Difficulty: 2/10

4 December 2008

N64 Zora (v2)

It's late night blogpost time! So before I go to bed, here is a Zora model from Majora's Mask, though the same version also exists in the earlier Ocarina of Time.

The Zora's are an aquatic race in Hyrule and Termina. They are often found living near bodies of water such as Zora's River and the Great Bay. Hyrulean Zoras have strong ties with the royal family and guard the land's water supply at Zora's Fountain. In Termina, they live as fishermen and are famous for their rock band, the Indigo-Gos.

Download Here!

The model is better designed than the Poe Collector but has a few tricky parts. You have to squash the upper arm insides a bit to get them to fit in the shoulder properly, and attaching the legs is a little difficult. The model is unstable when the fins are added so you must weigh the feet down if you want it to stand!

It stands 22.5cm tall and looks great with any Zelda collection, especially if you take the time to double side the fins!

I've recently edited it to make it easier to build and with full instructions!

Difficulty: 6.5/10

30 November 2008

My Papercrafts

Ok so I will be linking to ZIP or RAR files which contain all the contents you need to build the model. Apologies to experienced modellers if this sounds obvious but I'm also considering new papercrafters as well. ZIP files are easily opened with WinZIP, RAR files with WinRAR or AlZip.
A quick list of what you might find:
  • A JPEG or PDF of a lined and lineless template. I advise making the lineless verison, with the lined one being used for reference, though people have different preferences and standards so it's up to you! Newer models will be PDF files since they are higher quality and direct from Pepakura Designer.
  • A PDO file. What is this? This is a 3D model file for Pepakura Designer/Viewer which shows exactly where pieces go. Stuck on a model? Consult the PDO! It solves about 80% of all building headaches! Download Pepakura Designer (trial) or Pepakura Viewer (complete) for free! I highly recommend using these!
  • Several reference pictures from different angles. Sometimes a visual guide on the real thing can be a real help!
  • Instructions! Perhaps the 2nd most important thing for some people! These have got better through time, so older models might be a bit more vague.
  • Some models may need a line guide reference for dark pieces. Though newer models will have high contrast lines on dark bits so the above only applies to old templates.
My guarantee is that I will never release a model that I am not happy with myself. With the exception of the Poe Collector v2, I have testbuilt everything once (or twice sometimes) so you can be sure that the models will be buildable to a good quality. I'm very picky myself about other people's models, so hopefully that rubs off on my templates! :p

29 November 2008

Poe Collector (Showcase)

This was my first model made in August 2008. Originally the template was quite bad so I released a second version of the template. However I never really fixed the underlying problems which required moderate improvisation to fix during building. So now I've remade him entirely from the start, which you can find here. This post's download link is now unavailable but will be left as a showcase of early work.

The Poe Collector is a mysterious shrouded being found in the ruined Hyrule Castle town in Ocarina of Time. He collects the ghostly Poes found throughout the land, and will pay a high price for rare specimens.

In Majora's Mask, his alter ego acts as an equally mysterious spiritual guardian to Ikana Valley and beyond.

3 November 2008


Welcome to the grand opening of Hyrule Papercraft. This blog will serve to be my space where I'll be posting my models and future projects! I focus on N64 models and specialise in ripping from both Zelda games. I also have some other ROMs but am focusing on our pointy eared friends for now.

I'm Chris, aka the good old man of science and industry, Xenonray or Xenon as you may know me from elsewhere. I prefer it pronounced 'Zenon' (Zen as in Hen :P), not the other way, 'Zeenon'. Irks me somewhat, that.

Enjoy your stay and hopefully I'll update often and build up my archive soon!