31 August 2013

Elegy of Emptiness Goron

In early 2010 I was looking around for obscure content from Majora's Mask and ended up making the now infamous Elegy of Emptiness of Link. The prospect of making a set of all four statues came up and shortly after I made the cute but sad looking Elegy Deku. Later in summer I did the Elegy Zora too (though that one was pretty hard) and had only one model remaining: the Elegy Goron. But interest faded and I never began work on it...until now.

Three years later the Elegy of Emptiness set is finally completed!

In Majora's Mask by playing the song, Elegy of Emptiness inside Stone Tower, Link can 'shed a shell' of himself to create a statue of his current form. Described as a souless image, these are used to solve a variety of puzzles later on. Wearing the Goron mask, the statue produced is the Goron Hero Darmani, the soul from which the mask was derived.

This statue makes a large boxy model at ~28cm tall. The feet are small and must be built neatly and weighed down strongly, but from the waist up it becomes much easier with mostly large parts. You must cut out the shape of the scar from the large brown piece (a reference is provided). Take care with closing the head and some important shapes around the face and hands.

Difficulty: 5.5/10

Download Here!

5 February 2013

Anju's Grandmother

Goodness me, my first N64 Zelda model for almost a year and a half! I had this template lying around since spring 2012 but with focus on my other more complex projects I just couldn't be bothered to start it. Finally however here's Anju' Grandmother, the forgetful storyteller from Majora's Mask.

Anju's Grandmother is confined to her wheelchair and spends her days in the back room of the Stock Pot Inn in Clock Town. She enjoys telling stories from Termina's history, though they are quite long and end up putting people to sleep! At the very least this can help Link pass large amounts of time in the three day system but if he wants to stay awake he'll need the All-Night Mask. She seems to be losing her memory as she mistakes Link and Anju for Tortus, her deceased son and appears oblivious to the events in Termina. Although reading her diary reveals this senility is likely just a ruse to avoid eating Anju's terrible cooking and be left alone!

As for the model, the chair and most of the body is simple and boxy. Only the small hands and odd shape of the head could be awkward.

Difficulty: 5.75/10

Height is approximately 17cm, including the upper hair strand.

Download Here!

Compared to what I've been building recently, this was very easy for me (I almost gave it a low difficulty score before checking what I've given models in the past!). Yet I was pretty damn rusty at building with the score and fold technique so it's not the neatest model I've ever built!