9 December 2008

Mad Scrub (Showcase)

Edit: This was a bad template so I've removed the download for now. If you've found it elsewhere on the internet then build at your own risk.

Mad Scrubs are aggressive Deku Scrubs that attack any intruders to their territory fiercly. Despite their temper, they are quite weak and will flee their Deku Flower when struck.


It made a cute model no doubt, but was beyond my skill to edit well at the time hence I made a bad job of it. So I'll leave it as a showcase of addtional work but that's all. From the photo it looks good, however the template was full of bizarre folds and tiny pieces- the legs presented a lot of trouble.


jen said...

Hey I fixed the template can I post it online

Xenon said...

Hi there, yes of course you can, just make sure to give credit to the original version and mention how you've changed it.

Anonymous said...

i know the reply is awfully late but do you know if the fixed template is anywhere online anymore? this model is interesting and i'd like to try it, even with the difficult spots