20 December 2009


A long term model I built in September-October but needed to edit the template and spend ages re-unfolding. So eventually she is available for release and your scrutiny: Nephenee in her halberdier appearance from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn!

Nephenee is a young girl from the Crimean countryside and in the events of RD, joins up with fellow villager Brom to suppress a local rebellion. After the Crimean rebels against Queen Elincia are defeated, she travels with Ike and the Greil Mercenaries to assist the Laguz Alliance against the Begnion Empire.

As a halberdier, she is a very well balanced unit with good strength, skill, speed and defence. This allows her to perform well in sustained combat due to having few real weaknesses. Though her individual stats will likely be exceeded by those of specialist units later on. Other classes may be better at specific jobs, but she remains a flexible and very useful all-purpose unit throughout the game.

This model is not for beginners! It's the most complex one I've edited yet with 28 pages and quite a few small parts. Use of the PDO file will be a great help as my photos of the first version are slightly out of date. The legs, body and head can be built in any order since they are all self contained pieces, though the part numbering reflects my rough order of building from the bottom up.

When complete she has an awesome amount of detail and will look impressive standing guard with shield and Steel Greatlance in hand.

Difficulty: 8.5/10

Best built in the smooth method, except for a few places mentioned in the instructions.

Download Here!


Allen said...

Nice model. Where did you get the mesh for it?

Xenon said...

I ripped it from Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn using a Wii emulator. All credit goes to Nintendo for the original source material, I just simplified/edited it so it could work as a craft. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice job,I'm a huge fan of FE
Can you made a model of IKE aldult,in FE 10??
lovely ,and Rolf, Soren...omg i love all of them