26 August 2010

The Postman

It's about time I did a proper Zelda character that people are more likely to recognise so here's the Postman from Majora's Mask. Now the timing of this is awkward because Ninjatoes has released his own version, though in a different pose and with props for a diorama. Different versions of the same characters are always welcome, though I recommend you check his version out, as his models are consistently high quality. With some hindsight I can say his template and instructions are better than my Postman, although mine has a PDO file, and a 'true' lineless template.

The Postman is a dilligent worker in Clock Town, obsessively sticking to his schedule, even though it soon conflicts with his urge to flee as the moon threatens to annihilate Termina. Eventually Link can earn the Postman's Hat off him, which allows him to check the mail boxes around the town. His strange attitude and voice sound effects ("Ya!") always made him one of my favourites, plus he's a very good example of how the time system of Majora's Mask really adds depth to the game. Like many characters he had an alter ego in Ocarina of Time, the unbeatable Running Man who you could 'race' as adult Link.

I'd like my next model to be free of problems in testbuilding. This one set me back a few times, but I feel I've fixed the major issues I encountered the first time(s) around. For whatever reason I've built his head three times and his body twice now! (Also his pose, though not complex is tricky to get a decent photo that shows him best.)

Parts of the head and body are quite detailed, but in my scale, he's actually quite tall, with a large head and hands which makes things not as bad as they had potential to be. Still experience is probably needed, and I always stress that Pepakura Viewer helps a lot too!

Stands ~24.0cm which is tall for my standards!

Difficulty: 6.5/10

Download here!


Anonymous said...

I know you probably won't take this into account at all, because you probably "have a lot of ideas at the moment", but I think it would be cool To put the seven sages, to scale with ichtus7's adult link and ninjatoes's child link and maybe fit on the chamber of sages by PZ. Nabooru and rauru are what I'm really looking forward to. if you read this, you probably won't, though, thanks. Please comment if you do though. :)

Xenon said...

Providing they're valid, I always read guest comments, so don't worry. You are right about me having lots of ideas (some non Zelda ones too) but I do take into account what people would like. E.g. the Postman has been requested on the Nintendo Papercraft forums quite a bit, and now we have mine and Ninjatoes' version soon! ;)

I was working on a Saria a long time ago but it seems to have been lost when I transferred PCs. As for other sages, a different Saria, and Darunia already exist, and there may be an Impa on the NP forums somewhere.

Michael James said...

character models are the best..nicely done;)

Anonymous said...

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