2 December 2010


Zoras are one of my favourite races in the Zelda series. Elegant, sleek and...oh wait nevermind it's Toto...

Toto is the stout manager of the Indigo-Go's band in Majora's Mask, and travels to Clock Town ahead of the carnival to arrange their upcoming performance. Unfortunately with the Moon about to fall, the event is cancelled at short notice. He can be found at the Milk Bar at night, disappointed over the cancellation, though Link can offer to give him a sound check by playing his instruments on stage. 

As for the model, the body is very easy to build being very blocky. Though the small hands and feet add to the difficulty and stop it from being an easy build overall. He's very unstable unless you balance him on his tail fin or cane. You could try and weigh him down a bit but it might not make that much difference with the small feet.

Difficulty: 5.75/10

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