10 November 2014

3DS Sheik

Earlier this year an archive of models ripped from Ocarina of Time 3D on the 3DS was released on the internet. This of course caught my attention for papercraft purposes so today I am releasing my first 3DS model, Sheik.

As an adult in Ocarina of Time, Link receives help from this mysterious member of the Sheikah tribe. Sheik provides information about the state of the world under Ganondorf's rule and teaches Link the numerous warp songs to travel quickly across the land.

Although described as a young man in game, it is later revealed that Sheik is actually Princess Zelda in disguise. This alter-ego of hers has since been used in numerous spin-off titles from Smash Bros. to Hyrule Warriors.

Being a 3DS model it is more complex than the N64 equivalent. So she is not to scale with my other series of models, and stands at 24.5cm tall. Even with the increased level of detail, they modeled the 3DS versions very closely to the originals, so the style is still very angular and suited to be built with the usual score and fold method.

Since it is my first try at these new style of models, this one is slightly experimental. It shouldn't be too hard but there are some delicate bits to build (hair, face) and slotting the 2D strings into the harp is a bit awkward.

Difficulty: 7/10

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Anonymous said...

Do the Link papercraft from 3DS!
That will gonna be awsome!