19 May 2009

Young Malon

Finally, I started this project in February but it got delayed for ages for some reason, plus it always take me a while to pluck up courage to announce a model of a more important character! I've brought the project forward due to me shortly going away on a long field trip. D:

Malon is the daughter of Lon Lon Ranch's owner, Talon. As a child she plays amongst the horses in the enclosure, and also accompanies her dad when he delivers milk to Hyrule Castle. It's here where she first met Link, and would later teach him Epona's song- an invaluable ability seven years later! She makes a good counterpart to the adult Malon model, or you could call them Cremia and Romani- their alter egos in Majora's Mask!


The model is just over 15cm tall and keeps to my 3400 standard scale in Pepakura. So she'll be the correct size compared to my Zora, Master Sword (13.7cm one) and Adult Malon.

Download Here!

Difficulty: 6/10 but quite easier with experience.

Simpler than the adult version - the dress for example is just a bunch of strips and the head is actually larger! However smaller pieces in the arms/hands, shoulder geometry and closing the head stop it from being overly easy.

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Please make it in PDF!