7 September 2009


A model that's been in the works for a few weeks, it's an N64 Poe! These Zelda equivalents of ghosts are found in the darker corners of Hyrule and Termina. Each carries a lantern that when defeated, smashes and allows the Poe's spirit to be captured in a bottle. Drinking it will produce variable effects on your health so you'd better be feeling lucky! There are many varieties of Poes to be found such as the Composer Brothers or the four Poe Sisters, but this one's just an ordinary spirit that would only net you a handful of Rupees from the Poe Collector.


This was very 'raw' when ripped and required many edits to make it buildable. It's mostly large pieces but with a few smaller ones on the arms and face that bump the difficulty up slightly. I haven't scaled this one to the others because it would just be too big! In game they almost match adult Link in size! So this is reduced a bit but still looks nice amongst my standard scaled models.

Download Here!

Difficulty: 4.5/10

Also our new address is at http://hyrulepapercraft.blogspot.com

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