20 February 2011


At last, Lucia, my third Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn model is finished! Originally she was set for a summer release and I built everything except the hands and sword. However I gradually realised the editing was incomplete; she was far too detailed for her scale, resulting in an ugly build. After some simplification, shortening of the hair, reworking of the face, and a rebuild over December-January she's ready for release.

Lucia acts as an aide and bodyguard to her adoptive sister, Queen Elincia of Crimea. While her brother Geoffrey commands the Royal Knights, she is head of the country's spy and intelligence network. In the events of Radiant Dawn, she is responsible for unearthing the leader of the Crimean rebels. Later she joins Ike and the Laguz to fight against the corrupt Begnion senators.
(Not as useful of a character as my good man Haar, but I really like her design!)

She's a swift and skilled Swordmaster, able to deal out frequent critical hits, however may have trouble with heavier classes who can withstand her strikes. A low defense and average resistance means she should be carefully supported and avoid being caught in heavy combat with classes she can't counter effectively.

This model is of her Swordmaster long hair variant, wielding a Silver Sword. The template is complex but slightly easier than my previous FE models because of a lack of armour layers. Still, parts like the hands, collar and attaching the chest skin could cause difficulty. 18 pages split across 2 PDO files: please use these for references- they're extremely useful (You'd be silly not to if you can run Pepakura Viewer). Part numbers reflect my rough order of building but don't be restricted by them.

Difficulty: 8.25/10

Best built in the smooth method, with a few exceptions mentioned in the instructions. Use of thicker cardstock is essential. Printer paper will not work!

Who knows, eventually you might see some Zelda models here again! :p

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¡Great job with that Lucia! Please go on with the releases of FE models