13 March 2011

Mirror Shield

A quick craft made in one evening, as an experiment for my standard scale of Zelda models. I wanted to see what a few items might look like scaled to my character crafts, so here we have the Mirror Shield from Ocarina of Time.

The Mirror Shield is one of the treasures of the Spirit Temple within the Desert Colossus. Its highly polished surface and magical properties allow Link to reflect, or absorb and re-emit the fire and ice beam attacks of Twinrova. Unsurprisingly it reflects sunlight quite well too, which is handy for some puzzles in the temple! Apart from these special abilities, it functions exactly the same as the Hylian Shield, so whether you equip it after the Spirit Temple is simply a matter of preference! I for one think it looks quite striking with the red Goron Tunic. ;)

As for the papercraft it's about ~10.4cm from top to bottom, very easy and should give no real problems. The Handles are optional- leave them out if you want a plain back to the shield. I've included them because who knows...I may eventually make someone to hold it!

Difficulty: 2/10

Download Here!

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