18 June 2011

Adult Link Equipment Pack

When I made Red 'Endgame' Link  I realised the advantages of being able to customise your own version. The first step would be to create a set of items all scaled to Link and my other models. Although, it took a lot longer than I thought! (Mostly because working on things like items is such a chore compared to character models). For now the items are limited to those seen on the "Equipment" screen in the menu.

So this pack, which may be updated in future contains:
Biggoron's Sword
Broken Giant's Knife
Hover Boots
Hylian Shield
Iron Boots
Master Sword
Megaton Hammer
Mirror Shield
Silver and Golden Gauntlets

Can these be built without having to build a Link model too?
Of course! Mostly. All the items except for the gauntlets and boots work well on their own if you choose to build them. The boots only represent the metal parts, not the feet, and the gauntlets are just simple bits that ought to be glued to Link's arms.

Will you build other versions of Link in future?
Yes, I plan to re-use my Red Link to make different Links with alternate poses and tunics. Different weapons will be compatible with these. Currently only the Master Sword doesn't really work with Red Link, and the shields only benefit when just put on his back. With different posed Links, hopefully the equipment will be more interchangeable.

Why does the Giant's Knife look identical to Biggoron's Sword?
The actual models wielded in combat seem to be the same. The Giant's Knife was really just included for a laugh, and for completions sake.

Difficulty: Variable but mostly easy. Swords are harder due to their small size and detail.

Download Here!


Anonymous said...

Hi, love your papercrafts! I know you focus on the N64 models, but is there anyway you could make a papercraft of Link's updated model from Ocarina of Time 3D playing the ocarina? For example, like this: http://www.wiisworld.com/images/screenshots/3ds/the-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-3d-6.jpg

That would be incredible!!! :)

Xenon said...

I'm playing the new OoT 3D and yes it's already crossed my mind that they'd make amazing crafts!

But I get the 3D data via ripping from games, which is easy for the N64 these days, but I don't think it is possible for the 3DS yet. I'm not sure though, but I'll keep my eye on any future developments.

Anonymous said...

Thought this would be a good place to ask- are your other OoT models to scale with link? (I've made a fire temple link with megaton hammer, a great model to work with)
Also, I appreciate the N64 models more so than the 3DS ones, but that is my opinion. They are the originals, and they are MUCH easier to craft I am sure. The others would need to be much bigger.
Anyway, looking forward to the other poses and tunics of link. I may just make a blue one for my friend if and when it comes out. thanks for the free templates!

Xenon said...

Yes I agree, the 3DS ones would likely need more editing to be comfortably buildable at the size of my N64 ones. Either that or made bigger to get rid of small parts.

For future Links I'm thinking of Green 'classic' Link with sword and shield pose, but no other equipment unless you want to add some from this pack. And then Blue 'water temple' Link who will be posed for the hookshot. To please everyone I think I would also provide the texture files so they can swap the colours around.

Finally yes they are all scaled to each other! (Well the more recent ones are. The old Dekus/Dead Hand/ Poe Collector aren't)

To see them all in action, have a look here ;)


Anonymous said...

In response to the OoT 3D models: Cool! Glad to hear you're considering them. :) I hope someone will find a way to rip them soon!

On the topic of n64 models, is there anyway you could make the same papercraft I requested before? (Link playing the Ocarina). I understand if you're busy though, and I'm not sure you take requests. But I thought having Link playing the titular instrument would make for a great papercraft. :)

Xenon said...

Thanks for your interest btw!

It certainly would be possible for me to make something like that, although low on my priority list, sorry.

I've learned the hard way that there's no such thing as a quick project, so I don't start characters lightly.

Officially I don't do requests but always like to know what people are interested in.

Things I'm personally interested in are:
-those 2 other Link variants mentioned
-Anju (almost ready to unfold)
-Saria (v2 needs unfolding)
-Elegy Goron (ugh, only to complete the set)
-Sheik (absolute nightmare to edit, might start again D: )
-Mass Effect 2 character models (currently testbuilding one)

So yes there's a lot of things I wish I could do!

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's cool. I understand. :)
I'd love to try to make my own papercraft design, though I need to learn how to rip models first. If it's not too much trouble to tell me, which programs do you use?

Sorry, I'm actually pretty new to papercrafts but really would love to get into them!

Xenon said...

Sure, all the programs I use, from start to finish are:

-1964 with Lemmy's Plugin (to emulate and rip from N64 games)

-Blender (to edit the 3D models and combine all textures)

-Photoshop (to fix repeating textures. Any image editing program with a decent paint tool will do though)

-Pepakura Designer 3 (to unfold and print the model)

The Nintendo Papercraft forum probably contains guides for most of the steps (you may have to be a member to see some of the sections though).


There's also an old video which covers the basics.


WindMaster77 said...

Good support! By the way, could you make a pack with all the masks in Majora's Mask, including the Sun and Moon masks?

Xenon said...

Well that'd be a lot of work for all of them! :S

Quite a few masks already exist and I'm sure I've seen a Sun's Mask at some point. They're likely in the Zelda 64 category on Nintendo Papercraft somewhere.