13 September 2011


The result of the mini poll was tied, so I ended up going with Saria, who I'd already started building when it was looking like she might win. Don't worry I have PDO files ready for almost all of the characters listed so you can expect to see the others eventually!

Saria is Link's best childhood friend who enjoys playing the ocarina in the Sacred Forest Meadow. Unlike most of the Kokiri she has an air of wisdom and maturity about her and indeed she is later revealed to be the Sage of Forest once Phantom Ganon is defeated. She's also known for teaching Link one of the most catchy tunes in the entire Zelda series!

Now this model has a bit of a history. In February 2010 I was working on her but ran into difficulties because of the size. When I upgraded computers I thought I lost the template, but found her again this year. With improved skills I edited the 3D model into a better form for papercrafting, resulting in the craft you see here. Thank goodness I never released the first version as the editing was pretty shoddy compared to this one.

The size is still an issue, even after enlarging her slightly. Saria is actually a very small character in game (a child after all) so in my scale she is tiny compared to everyone else, at only 16cm. However because of the small size and difficulty, admittedly close to my own limits for size versus detail, I decided to create a bigger 22cm version that you can build instead. Though I'll respect you more if you manage the small one! ;p

Regardless of size, the hands, legs and shorts are quite tricky. Also the side hair strands ought to be built in a certain way to prevent difficulty closing the model, so please check the instructions.

Difficulty: 7.5/10 (16cm)
                  ~6/10? (22cm)

Download Here!

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