30 November 2008

My Papercrafts

Ok so I will be linking to ZIP or RAR files which contain all the contents you need to build the model. Apologies to experienced modellers if this sounds obvious but I'm also considering new papercrafters as well. ZIP files are easily opened with WinZIP, RAR files with WinRAR or AlZip.
A quick list of what you might find:
  • A JPEG or PDF of a lined and lineless template. I advise making the lineless verison, with the lined one being used for reference, though people have different preferences and standards so it's up to you! Newer models will be PDF files since they are higher quality and direct from Pepakura Designer.
  • A PDO file. What is this? This is a 3D model file for Pepakura Designer/Viewer which shows exactly where pieces go. Stuck on a model? Consult the PDO! It solves about 80% of all building headaches! Download Pepakura Designer (trial) or Pepakura Viewer (complete) for free! I highly recommend using these!
  • Several reference pictures from different angles. Sometimes a visual guide on the real thing can be a real help!
  • Instructions! Perhaps the 2nd most important thing for some people! These have got better through time, so older models might be a bit more vague.
  • Some models may need a line guide reference for dark pieces. Though newer models will have high contrast lines on dark bits so the above only applies to old templates.
My guarantee is that I will never release a model that I am not happy with myself. With the exception of the Poe Collector v2, I have testbuilt everything once (or twice sometimes) so you can be sure that the models will be buildable to a good quality. I'm very picky myself about other people's models, so hopefully that rubs off on my templates! :p

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