4 December 2008

N64 Zora (v2)

It's late night blogpost time! So before I go to bed, here is a Zora model from Majora's Mask, though the same version also exists in the earlier Ocarina of Time.

The Zora's are an aquatic race in Hyrule and Termina. They are often found living near bodies of water such as Zora's River and the Great Bay. Hyrulean Zoras have strong ties with the royal family and guard the land's water supply at Zora's Fountain. In Termina, they live as fishermen and are famous for their rock band, the Indigo-Gos.

Download Here!

The model is better designed than the Poe Collector but has a few tricky parts. You have to squash the upper arm insides a bit to get them to fit in the shoulder properly, and attaching the legs is a little difficult. The model is unstable when the fins are added so you must weigh the feet down if you want it to stand!

It stands 22.5cm tall and looks great with any Zelda collection, especially if you take the time to double side the fins!

I've recently edited it to make it easier to build and with full instructions!

Difficulty: 6.5/10


Unknown said...

Xenon please could you fix the link to download the instructions to build it? I´ve trying to download it but it doesnt let me :(

Xenon said...

Hi, I checked the link and it worked for me. Mediafire does occasionally have bad days though and sometimes I have to switch browsers to get it to kick off the download.