29 November 2008

Poe Collector (Showcase)

This was my first model made in August 2008. Originally the template was quite bad so I released a second version of the template. However I never really fixed the underlying problems which required moderate improvisation to fix during building. So now I've remade him entirely from the start, which you can find here. This post's download link is now unavailable but will be left as a showcase of early work.

The Poe Collector is a mysterious shrouded being found in the ruined Hyrule Castle town in Ocarina of Time. He collects the ghostly Poes found throughout the land, and will pay a high price for rare specimens.

In Majora's Mask, his alter ego acts as an equally mysterious spiritual guardian to Ikana Valley and beyond.


Drummyralf said...

Hiya! Nice blog :) I updated the NP's download link. Feel free to use that direct download link instead of Mediafire, so that people will be able to download your models fast and easy.

I think I should build this one soon... doesn't look too hard :)

Chris said...

Really? Ah thank you I appreciate it! I'll credit the links in return! :)

And the model isn't hard, just a little awkward so the PDO shouldn't always be taken literally, but the newer template should have improved things a bit! (I hope!)