26 October 2009


Another semi-simple model, this time it's a Stalchild! These undead skeletons rise as pairs out of the ground at night in Hyrule field to attack those who wander off the main paths. However they are quite slow and easy to outrun and will vanish at sunrise. In Ocarina of Time, they only appear in Link's childhood, which is odd considering the initially corrupted state of Hyrule when Link emerges as an adult. In Majora's Mask they appear, but as the footsoldiers of Ikana awaiting orders from Captain Keeta.


Like the Poe, the original state of this model could not be built as a papercraft. There is an unedited version on the internet but I didn't believe it could be a good model at all. So I've merged, chopped, added and re-posed various parts to get this. Unlike the Poe, this is scaled to my other guys, and stands ~18.7cm but will depend a lot on your build. He may need weighing down inside the feet with something to stand.

It relies a lot on glueing surfaces of pieces together, so I recommend a strong liquid glue. Any will do, just don't use glue sticks! Also a few 2D parts are quite shaky so thicker paper is a must. If you use printer paper, you might get a saggy, gibbering wreck. The way the legs and arms glue on, might mean people's poses will vary. It can be customised I guess, but try to get a position where he stands up! ;p

Just glue well, and wait for it to dry and actually this is pretty easy.

Download Here!

Difficulty: 4.75/10

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