14 December 2008

The Shape of Things to Come

Forgive my really obscure reference/bad joke in the title.

Right I'm now home for Christmas for a month or so. And this means...papercrafts! Ok I can't guarantee how many I will design newly, or if I'll just remake my old ones but I have a lot of time to do so!

But the real reason of this post is to give some info on how I'll be doing my new models.

Now, other Zelda rippers/designers on the web have made quite a bundle of models already, I personally have contributed 6 to the pile, and 1 I never released. But the problem here is that they are all different sizes.

I used to say 20cm for a humanoid character was perfect, and it is in my opinion, but by automatically setting it like this you lose all scale! Some models like my Dekus work best as small ones. But if I'm going to start making more characters then I want them to be to scale to each other so they are less irregular and more awesome as a group.

How will this be done? Simple! I hope. I will not resize them at all in Blender, and when they are extracted to Pepakura, increase their size by a factor of X. This factor is yet to be determined and I'll suss it out after my first model using this method. Then it can be applied to a few of my old ones like the Zora.

So in other words, for all human characters and maybe other accesories, I will be keeping them all in scale. The average height will probably be from 15-23cm depending on height differences in game.

But I realise that this will make some models really big or small so there may be more scales to work around this e.g.

-Small creature scale
-Standard Human scale
-Large monster scale

Something like that...

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