12 December 2008

Deku Guard

None shall pass!

This cute simple model is a nice addition to any collection and is much easier than the Mad Scrub. It's very small and probably to scale with the Mad Scrub too by semi coincidence, however it isn't scaled to say the Zora, which is 3 times bigger!

These little guards stop any intruders from entering the Deku Palace at Woodfall in Majora's Mask, and patrol the lush gardens within.

Actually in game they are cute but not that small- they stand level with young Link!


Download Here!

The model is easy for anyone who has a little bit of experience. Essentially it is 4 closed shapes and some 2D pieces. To attach the head leaves, make small slits to slot and glue them into. The feet are free floating in game, so there's nothing to stick them to by default. However the workaround is to cut the shape of the body leaves, dab a blob of glue on the foot and slot it into one of the wedges cut. With some glue and possibly double sided leaves it is not hard.

Difficulty: 4.5/10

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