24 December 2008

Malon (v3)

My first human shaped model since the Zora! And a nice Christmas present for you all too! And finally I've updated it to fix some minor but annoying errors.

Malon is the daughter of Talon of Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time, and teaches Link Epona's song when they are young. She is one of my favourite characters, despite only having a few small but major parts in the game.

This is the adult version of her ripped from Ocarina and stands about 20cm high. I made a poor version of her a while ago, but this is a vast improvement! Well actually I ripped Cremia from Majora's Mask who looks exactly the same. Except she isn't. Malon and Cremia have slightly different textures and geometry! Malon has a longer nose and neck, while Cremia is thinner, has a small pointy nose and different mouth and skirt textures. Well I think Malon looks better overall despite being slightly less detailed so here she is! But really, this model could be regarded as either!


Download Here!

The model difficulty depends on your experience. Beginners will find it hard, experienced builders will probably not. If you can build my Zora well then it should be no problem. The only tricky part is the hair...

Difficulty: 6.5/10


Narck said...

Please put the link up again.

Xenonray said...

The template is now fixed and re-uploaded.

Hero of Time said...

my friend, what happening with the download link?, i love this papercraft :(
(sorry if i had a bad english, i speak spanish)

Xenon said...

My mediafire file got removed. I've updated it for you now!

Hero of Time said...